There is no I in The Brooklyn Ripple Team


The Brooklyn Ripple LLC was founded in 2018 on our four core values– Authenticity, Joy, Inclusion and Empowerment; Our Mission is to create and inspire through recreational services and products. The Brooklyn Ripple provides recreational programs and safety training courses- American Red Cross, for all people residing or willing to travel to Brooklyn NY. Causing a ripple effect in Brooklyn communities and individuals making them safer, prepared and engaged in healthier active lifestyles.

Why Choose Us



Everyone on The Brooklyn Ripple Team is certified in American Red Cross CPR/AED and a water safety instructor. Oh did I mention we're all super cool lifeguards as well? Anything water, we've got you covered!

Professional Millennials


Exclude all the negatives you've heard about a millennial. Add only the positives and you have us! We are educated in aquatics and sports, authentic people, Brooklyn natives with diverse ethnic backgrounds, social and energetic to make you feel nothing but WELCOMED.

Consistent Quality


How frustrating is it when you go to a restaurant and the food isn't as good as you had it the first time? We know the feeling thus, The Brooklyn Ripple Team took an oath to make sure we are providing nothing but the best recreational products and services to the communities of Brooklyn. Starting with small group ratios for effective learning!  

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The Brooklyn Ripple

1150 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, New York 11225, United States

(347) 751-3090


Monday: 7am-8am

We are accessible by phone and e-mail during the week, any further inquiries message us.

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